WASA has disconnected the water supply

WASA install more than 650,000 water meters

Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) is to install 650,000 water meters in the city under the private-public partnership, reported a news source.

The details on the PKR 6.5 billion project were finalized between WASA and International Finance Corporation (IFC), which operates under the World Bank, earlier this week.WASA currently provides water to over 700,000 households in the city and it has so far installed only 40,000 water meters.

The remaining households get water bills via conventional manners, the tariff of which is quite low. WASA has been unable to continue with the project on its own due to lack of funds and contacted the IFC for financial assistance.

A delegation representing the corporation held a meeting with higher officials from WASA, who briefed the delegation on existing water connections, its usage and matter regarding the funds.

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