Red notices issued to owners of plazas lacking firefighting arrangements

The Department of Civil Defence has issued red notices to owners of 110 high-rise buildings lacking proper firefighting arrangements, reported a news source. The department also served the said intimation to the owners of illegal buildings.

Reportedly, the notices warn building owners to install firefighting equipment in their respective developments. Those who are found violating these instructions will face legal consequences, which may include the directive to seal up the building concerned. The department has given March 10 as the deadline for satisfying its stipulations.

The Civil Defence Department has also served similar notices to the owners of 38 petrol pumps and CNG stations. These gas station owners have been directed to make standard fire safety arrangements.

Reportedly, the Civil Defence Department has so far issued notices to the owners of high-rises and commercial buildings in Rawalpindi, Kallar Syedan, Texila, Kahuta, Gujar Khan, and Murree.

According to sources within the department, 50 buildings in Rawalpindi and 6 in Kallar Syedan do not currently have proper firefighting arrangements. As per officials, the department has served these establishments with a final notice. In addition, it has also formed teams to launch a crackdown against such buildings. The operation, as revealed by sources, will start from Monday onwards.