Raja Bazar Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi plaza basement being converted into shelter

The basement of Raja Bazaar parking plaza is being converted in a shelter for the homeless and will be operational from Monday, a news source reported. Initially, 100 homeless persons will be accommodated in the basement.

The project’s executing agency, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), is finalizing the works and has installed carpets worth PKR 570,000 in the basement. It has also asked motorcyclists not to park their vehicles in the basement.

RDA Chairman Arif Abbasi said the civic body has collaborated with local philanthropists for the shelter project, adding that mattresses and carpets have been donated for the cause.

He said people will be registered for three days in the shelter at a time and they would be granted an extension if they do not find alternate arrangements, adding that necessary steps will be taken to provide employment opportunities to the homeless so they are able to provide shelter for themselves in the long run.

Abbasi said Federal Minister for Health Services Amir Mehmood Kiani is overseeing the project and he, in collaboration with the philanthropists, will ensure the provision of food and other necessities.

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