Online system introduced to deal with fake stamp papers

Online system introduced to deal with fake stamp papers

The Punjab government has successfully curbed the illegal transfer of properties on fake stamp papers through its e-stamp paper system, a news source reported by Pak Villas.

A report to this effect was recently submitted to the Federal Ministry of Finance. It was revealed that the provincial government has increased e-stamp charges from two to five percent.

The officials concerned have also introduced a set of measures aimed at increasing revenues and facilitating the private sector. These include an improved sales tax collection mechanism, and the appointment of agents to facilitate the tax collection process.

In a similar measure, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced a relaxation on property and professional taxes. The Balochistan government has started conducting feasibility studies to improve its tax collection mechanism.

Moreover, the Sindh government has reduced GST charges in a bid to develop the provincial economy. It is also working on a tax revenue mobilization plan, public financial action plan, and a Sindh Public Management Reforms Programme.

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