Green Pakistan: Punjab to have four national parks

Green Pakistan Punjab to have four national parks

Punjab is set to have four national parks under the Green Pakistan programme, a news source reported by Pak Villas. The project will cost PKR 5 billion in development expenses.

As per reports, Punjab Wildlife Department and the Ministry of Climate Change have been working closely to restore the province’s forest cover.

According to Green Pakistan Project Head Mian Hafeez, the initiative currently manages four national parks. These include the Lal Suhanra, Chinji, Attock, and Rohtas national parks.

Under the programme, four new national parks will be established. These will include the following:

  • A park near Chakwal spanning an area of 35,000 acres.
  • A park near Kahuta, Murree spanning an area of 62,000 acres. This entire park will feature the region’s hilly areas and tall mountains.
  • A park near Gujrat spanning an area of 26,000 acres.
  • A second park near Attock.

There are four forests near Kahuta which house rare pheasants and the barking deer species. Special arrangements will be made to rear these animals in a natural environment.

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