Ban on LPG decanting in urban areas

Ban on LPG decanting in urban areas

A ban has been placed on decanting cylinders of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in urban areas, news by Pak Villas. This ban has been implemented by the Civil Defence Department. It covers all licensed and unlicensed gas filling shops and agencies.

A letter was sent to the administrative bodies of various civic bodies directing the removal of these filling agencies away from urban areas. The bodies include Rawalpindi Cantonment Board, Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation, Chaklala Cantonment Board and District Council.

Under Section 138 of local government law, LPG decanting shops in residential areas will be removed. This crackdown will begin on March 1, 2019.

Official documents have revealed that there are over 138 licensed gas filling agencies and as many as 746 unlicensed and illegal gas filling agencies operating in the city. Agencies which do not follow the orders will be sealed after February 28. This operation is being carried out on the instructions of the deputy commissioner.

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